Mass Tort Lead Generation

Torticity helps law firms build their portfolio of mass tort clients.

We customize our lead generation to fit your law firm’s criteria. You tell us what type of clients you want, and we do the rest.

The only question left to ask is: how many qualified clients do you want?

Mass Tort Client Intake & Retainer Process

Torticity’s intake specialists are subject matter experts who ensure law firms receive highly qualified prospective plaintiffs from their lead generation campaigns, based on your firm's unique needs and the case matter.

Not all clients are the same; their injuries are not the same. Different law firms have different criteria for the mass tort cases they handle. When an injured person does not match a firm’s case criteria, neither the injured person nor the law firm is best served. Torticity appreciates this.

Our intake specialists review and record relevant case information in Dockit, our secure, HIPAA-compliant, encrypted proprietary case management system. Intake specialists capture all relevant case data including:

  • Medication usage and dosage
  • Medical treatment or device
  • Consumer product usage
  • Dates and duration of product usage
  • Injury and symptoms details including nature, dates, duration, and severity of symptoms
  • Identification of diagnosis and relevant medical providers and facilities
  • Other possible contributing factors to their symptoms or injuries
  • Determination if the client had any other attempts to resolve claims
  • Plus, any additional law firm-specific information

Once an injured person meets your firm’s criteria, Torticity’s intake specialists ensure the potential client signs your retainer and a medical release form. Torticity delivers to you these signed documents plus the client’s answers to the intake questionnaire.

Throughout the process, Torticity’s intake specialists engage with the client to build a sustainable working relationship ensuring forms are completed accurately and timely. Our professionalism reflects on you. Our high-contact, high touch personal interaction with clients yields an exceptional closure rate in signing new clients for your law firm.

Rapid Medical Record Retrieval

Torticity’s medical record retrieval process is FAST. As soon as a lead is retained, we seamlessly transition the case to request their medical records automatically.

This automation reduces the cycle time so that you can get quick access to medical records. Our process enables us to accept records in a variety of formats. Upon receipt, medical records are digitally scanned and stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and automatically assigned to the corresponding matter or case file.

Enhanced Medical Record Review

10,000,000: the number of pages Torticity can scan in 24 hours.

When we say scan, we mean identifying and highlighting keywords and phrases so that medical record review agents can efficiently navigate the medical records. Torticity automatically searches medical records to identify key terms and phrases throughout the medical record. Our medical review professionals, with their combined knowledge of medicine and mass tort, define the keywords and phrases to be identified in the scan. The scan can be customized with keywords and phrases you request.

Dockit’s enhanced record review provides our medical record reviewers with targeted suggestions of findings – allowing review of more records, more accurately, in less time. As Torticity’s medical professionals review the records, they document findings and prepare summaries within Dockit.

Torticity can also search for other potential matter types that may be contained in that medical record. This becomes a low-cost source of leads for law firms by mining existing medical records.

Client Support & Case Management

“The leading rule for the diligence. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. Never let your correspondence fall behind. Whatever piece of business you have in hand, before stopping, do all the labor pertaining to it which can then be done.”

- Abraham Lincoln

Juggling the legal demands of mass tort cases with client communications and support is not an easy task. Many lawyers sometimes find themselves falling behind in their client communications.

Torticity’s client support and case management services are ongoing from lead generation through case resolution. Client communications and support are of paramount importance to the Torticity customer support team. We leverage our custom technology and full-service approach to keep your clients fully informed.

Our client support team builds your relationships with your clients by providing professional, empathetic, and regular communication to make sure they are comfortable and engaged throughout the process.

Mass Tort Fact Sheet & Census Preparation

Making sure that the information for each plaintiff is accurate and produced timely is paramount.

Compiling plaintiff fact sheets and census forms is daunting. Communicating with clients to review their information and to obtain their signatures, if necessary, can be time-intensive. This is where Torticity’s mass tort fact sheet and census preparation helps.

During the client intake process and medical record review, Torticity stores your clients’ case information in Dockit, our secure, HIPAA-compliant proprietary case management system. When it is time to prepare plaintiff fact sheets or submit census forms, we can quickly see what information you have and what additional information, if any, you need for each client.

Torticity draws upon the relationships established with your clients to:

  • Get their signatures on the necessary documents.
  • Gather any additional information or documents needed.
  • Answer any questions they may have
  • Obtain their signatures on the necessary documents.

We complete the plaintiff fact sheets and census forms. We ensure both are produced on time with ease and with confidence in their accuracy and quality.

Mass Tort Settlement Document Preparation

Negotiating the terms is just the beginning of any settlement.

In any lawsuit, neither your clients nor you as their lawyer get paid until the settlement agreement is prepared and signed by your clients. In mass tort cases, settlements often involve tiers or categories of settlement benefits and settlement obligations depending on the facts of each plaintiff’s case or severity of their injuries.

As part of Torticity’s mass tort settlement document preparation services we:

  • Determine which tier or category of settlement applies to each of your clients
  • Prepare the settlement documents and any necessary supporting documentation
  • Obtain your clients’ signature on the settlement documents

With Torticity’s advanced technology, we do all these efficiently and fast-track the finalization of settlement documents.

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